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Enjoy Corporate Communications, Public Relations & Social Media Marketing in the German-speaking markets.

Founded 1998 by Heike Bedrich

"We love the digital media & advertising business and we live for new ideas! Let us talk about it!"

"Excellent skills for a new world of communication are agility and speed. Are you ready?"

"If you believe in Paid, Owned and Earned Media, then you need a strong corporate communication strategy for your market."


If you have ever been working in the digital business you know how much love people invest into new ideas and business models. They burn for their new ideas and visions. They are all heroes! Talisman, the communication company for digital business companies, burns as well for the business. We could be one of the missing piece if you are looking for succesful media & stakeholder relationship in the German market.

Verticals: Digital Media Industry – Digital Advertising Industry – Digital Publishing Industry - IT - Architectur & Design - Social Entrepreneurship